Great character building lessons for Muslim kids

It's a really good sign if a child is asking you difficult questions about Allah and Islam. It means they are taking an interest in their Deen and intelligently pondering over some aspects of it that they may not quite understand yet. However we can all um and ah uncomfortably at times, when thrown off-guard with a hard-to-answer question.

Some weeks ago, we asked you what questions your children ask you that you find difficult to answer, so we may attempt to help you with them. We have below selected some of the most commonly asked questions, and some rather tricky ones and provided child-friendly ans...

February 16, 2017

Pushing a fear of hellfire and punishment in small children can be extremely detrimental to their relationship with Allah. Their Iman is just beginning to gently grow, like a seedling pushing a shoot out of the earth and experiencing the comfort of the rays of sun for the first time.

September 15, 2016

When you have a deep love for Allah, amazing things happen! There’s a bounce in your step; there’s a comfort in your soul; there’s hope in your heart; there’s sincerity in your prayers; there’s just ‘magic’ all around! Of course, we want to raise our children to have that love. Here’s how we do it:

1. Keep reminding your children that Allah loves them seventy times more than you do. To make this easier to visualise, employ some colourful sweets - make two piles, one with one sweet and the other with seventy. Show them that the single sweet represents how much you love them, and the big heap is how much...

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