Great character building lessons for Muslim kids

March 21, 2018

- Everyone hates Muslims. Everyone. - Punish a Muslim Day is in April and it’s quite official, which means the Prime Minister must have approved it and everything. - People got letters in the post, by Royal Mail, which is basically the Queen’s, saying that Muslims must be punished. Obviously, I was like, ‘Whaaaaaaaaaat?’ But I am in Year 6, so I know that at least half of what the Year 4s were saying was made up, or wrong.

October 11, 2017

Sometimes, when you’re having your lunch at school with your friends, chatting away about football and the fastest cars (or friendship bracelets and your hair, if you’re a girl!), one of them comes up with a question that makes you look really silly, because you don’t know the answer and you’re supposed to know it, because the question is about Islam and you’re a Muslim.

Usually when this happens, I stop chewing, stare at the person asking (with my food in my mouth, because I forgot to swallow), make my face look all wise and clever while I think of an answer, then just say, “I don’t know.”

Awkward, rig...

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