We know Eid will not be the same this year. You might not be able to visit friends and family and gift them face to face. That’s why we have given you the option of having your gifts beautifully wrapped and sent out to your loved ones!


What is included:

  • High quality red and gold geometric gift wrap, made from quality recycled paper (see image)
  • Gift tag, with handwritten ‘to’ and ‘from’
  • A printed message placed inside the gift

*Please note, the image of gifts wrapped above are only a temporary sample*



  1. Add gift wrap to your cart
  2. Add other items to your cart as usual
  3. At checkout leave a note with the name of the recipient(s) and the name of the person(s) the gift is from.
  4. Add a message in the comments section (optional). This will be printed and placed inside the gift.

Gift Wrap