This mainstream title by Zanib Mian featured on Cbeebies Bedtime Stories. It's not an Islamic book as such, but we love that the gorgeous Oddsockosaurus leads children to reflect upon their own characters. Qualities of tidyness, being charitable and being truthful are explored, as well as many other fun and cheeky characteristics your children will recognise in themselves.


Packed with humour, which will amuse adults and children alike, this read-aloud picture book captures the imagination of a whimsical little boy who tries to make sense of his changing moods and behaviours by thinking of them as his favourite thing ever - dinosaurs! He refers to himself as a Fastosaurus Rex, Whyceratops, Readabookadocus, Tellafibasaurus, Muddyraptor, and many others

Oddsockosaurus - as seen on Cbeebies

  • By Zanib Mian

    Illustrated by Bill Bolton

    Paperback 32 pages

    22 x 28 cm

    Published by Sweet Apple Publishers 16th October 2015