I Say Bismillah

January 26, 2016


You're a Muslim child. You know this feeling: when you're about to climb up really high, or even jump down once you're there, it feels a lot better when you say: "Mum watch me!"


It feels safer, just because someone is watching. Well bismillah is like that, except it is Allah's attention you call out for - and you get it every time! Imagine that! Allah watching over whatever you do to make sure it goes well - that's what bismillah is...



I say bismillah before I eat. 


I say bismillah when I come home.


I say bismillah before reciting from the Qur’an.


I say bismillah if I trip over.




I say bismillah before making wudu.


I say bismillah before changing my clothes.


I say bismillah before driving my car or riding a horse.




But guess what?


I even say bismillah when I am a bit frightened to start something; starting it in Allah's name comforts me.


I even say bismillah when I turn the washing machine on.




I even say bismillah when I am starting to write a new book.


I even say bismillah when I am beginning my Arabic homework.


I even say bismillah when I am picking a flower.




I even say bismillah when I am about to make a speech.


I even say bismillah when I am building a Lego tower.


I even say bismillah when I am hanging a painting.





I even say bismillah when I am turning my computer on.


I even say bismillah when I am paying for something.


I even say bismillah when I am about to bake or cook.




I say bismillah  because if I mention the name of Allah, shaitan will not be able to mess with what I am doing with his tricks. Instead, he will become small, like a fly and buzz off and whatever I am doing will be full of blessing!


When do you say bismillah? Do tell me in the comments section!


If you liked this post, you'll love my books! Say bismillah and check out these books for Muslim children!


Text copyright (c) Zanib Mian 2016

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of the work.

No Part of this work may be reproduced without prior permission of Zanib Mian.





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