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Zanib Mian's Club

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A digital subscription of exclusive content written by Zanib Mian.

We wish to nurture a spiritual high, sense of emotional wellbeing, and prophetic character in

your child insha’Allah.


Every month, straight to your inbox you will get five pieces of digital content, each consisting of multiple pages, which are also printable PDFs:

1. Islamic learning:

One from either, surah (tafsir and memorisation), dua, hadith or Islamic principles (for example five pillars, hajj, sahaba). Supported and checked by Shaykh Ibrahim Nun Al-Azhari.

2. Character building:

Through fictional life-lesson stories narrated by new characters exclusive to the Zanib Mian club! Planet Omar style!

3. Emotional and Spiritual Wellbeing: 

An extension of the author’s popular ‘Young Muslim’s Mindful Book of Wellbeing.’

4. Activities: 

To apply the month’s learning.

5. Letter from Zanib Mian:

Zanib shares news and thoughts from the month with her club members. Be the first to hear of new books and projects!

Suitable for 5-11 years. £1.50/month. Cancel anytime. Join from anywhere in the world!

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Read sample content pages

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We believe that monthly access to sequential content, with familiar running themes is a fantastic way to immerse a child in this Islamic learning and character building. The content is written in Zanib Mian’s simple, comical, light but informative style. 

This month's resources include a 22 page, never seen before, Migo & Ali Dhul-Hijjah and Hajj special!

You have a licence to use the content for one household (any chiildren living under the same roof). 

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