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Islamic printable ebook resources and activities for children available to our members. Free to join, no fees, ever.

Islamic beliefs 

  • Laylatul Qadr explained.

  • Surah Ikhlas child-friendly Tafsir. Fall in love with this Surah and know your creator.

  • Surah Nas tafsir for children.

  • Why should I pray my Salah? A section of the popular Eliyas Explains book.

  • Taqwa explanation for kids. What it is and how to get it?

  • Eliyas Explains: Should I Ask Allah for £1 million?

  • Meeting Allah

  • The Miracle of Prophet Muhammad (saw) in the Cave with the Spider.

  • Allah loves easy going, cheerful people. A story!

  • Muslims don't celebrate Christmas? Why not?

  • The Power of Bismillah.

  • Muharram and Ashura for children.

  • Eliyas Explains: Why Does Allah Let Bad Things Happen? Understanding calamities, struggles, free will and tawakul.

  • Dhul-Hijjah and Hajj explained for children.

Character building

  • How to get something you really want (from Allah).

  • Comparing yourself to others.

  • Gratefulness in Islam for kids

  • Controlling anger

  • The Power of a smile

  • Eliyas Explains: What's Going on in Palestine.

Emotional and Spiritual Well-being

  • When someone calls you names. How to handle bullying.

  • The Power of Believing in Yourself.

  • Wanting (things).

  • Trust in Allah. Tawakul.

  • Forgiveness - forgiving others the Islamic perspective.

  • Bedtime with a guard from Allah - Ayatul Kursi

  • The 'IF ONLY, game.

  • Arguing. 

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