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Generation N

A free programme for parents who want their children to benefit from:

  • Spiritual growth - they've never been taught like this!

  • Character building

  • Muslim role models

  • Solid Muslim identity

Generation N is not a madrassah programme.

It is suitable for UK applicants, who are willing to travel to London for sessions every 8 weeks (beginning in Jan), which will be led by Zanib Mian.

Places are limited. Applications close December 31st 2017.

Spiritual Growth

The Generation N programme equips children with a solid foundation of belief that, inshaAllah, will not be shattered in potentially difficult times. Generation N inspires children with a love for Allah and a deep trust in Allah. It will result in a soaring of the imaan, with the child becoming conscious of their creator at all times and speaking to Him with ease. This is not a maddrassah programme. We do not teach fiqh, tajweed etc. However, we do guarantee that being involved in the programme will completely and positively change the way your child does learn these things and perform them at maddrassah and at home. We believe that if a relationship with Allah is nurtured in the correct way, carrying out the fard and sunnahs becomes something that a child wishes to do of their own volition and in a more excellent manner.

Character Building

Generation N moulds a child's character through real-life practical techniques. The parent-child relationship benefits immensely from the application of these methods to improve character - aiming towards a character like that of our Prophet (Salallahu Alaihi wasalam).

Muslim Role Models

Inspirational engagement with a range of positive Muslim role models are offered through  Generation N. We view role models as people who have done extraordinary things, without compromising on their faith, and in fact using their faith and trust in Allah to achieve what they want.

Solid Muslim Identity

Generation N equips children with a solid Muslim identity by dealing with fears of being misunderstood and giving children the confidence to be Muslim in all environments.

Generation N requires the involvement of parents/carers. 1-2 adults per household must join the programme with a child, with a maximum number of 3 children per household. Suitable for UK applicants, who are willing to travel to London for the sessions.

To become a Generation N member, apply here. There are presently no more spaces on the programme, but you will be placed on a waiting list. 

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