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'I read the book and found it very beneficial for Muslim children. It is easy to read and understand. May Allah reward those behind it with the greatest of rewards.'

- Sheikh Shady AlSuleiman

'Attractive dialogue with a gentle sense of humour running through the stories.'

- Dr M.F ElShayyal

Stories of the Prophets Book

Islamic stories of the prophets for children



- Age appropriate language

- Vibrant illustrations

- Adam (as) to Muhammad (saw)

164 pages. Hardback.

- Loveable characters

- Written with LOVE not FEAR of Allah

- Author's other books featured on Cbeebies.

Read sample pages! 


View the inside of the book in this video

Sample pages

Migo inside pages

What people are saying:

'My kids are really enjoying them and ask for the next story!'– Salimah Ahmed

 'My kids and I are absolutely loving it! Jazakallahu khairan to all involved.'  - Ayesha Desai

 'Subhan Allah read the 3 parts of this story to my children and they waiting impatiently for the next part.'  – Qadir Qammi

'Jazak Allah khair for the amazing prophet stories. So beautifully written so that young children can get to grips with and really understand the stories of our beloved prophets. My son loved listening to them and would ask me to go back and re read some of them. I've been recommending the book to friends and family and they have all said how much their kids have loved the stories. Great work. May Allah reward you in abundance Ameen.'  – SZ Chaudry

 'A very blissful experience to share these lovely stories with my kids.' – S Muzammil

'The kids eagerly wait for another story!' –  A Desai

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