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10 ways to make your dad feel cool about his beard

So your dad has a beard? Mine does too. Sometimes we forget to give them some beard love--but not today! Here are ten ways you can make your dad feel cool about his beard.

1. Tell him he looks like a bearded version of The Incredible Hulk, except less green (we hope)!

2. . Draw a picture of your dad's beard and go all out, making into a collage or a paper mache masterpiece!

3. Impress him by telling him that the Arabic word for beard is lihyah.

4. Inform him that Scientists have just found out that beards are good for your health and can actually help produce antibiotics – the type of medicine that kills bacteria!

5. Learn this hadith and say it with your hands behind your back to make it abundantly clear that you memorised it:

“Closely trim the moustaches, and spare the beard.”[Al-Bukhari, Muslim and others].

6. Tell him there is a book dedicated to the sheer awesomeness of beards.

7. Point out that he looks much better with the beard than he does in old photos where he doesn’t have one.

8. Hold a contest for the best beard in town and give your dad the prize.

9. Tell him beards are trendy.

10. Get him a really macho looking beard oil.

And there you go! Your dad now feels very cool about his beard! Don't forget to do the same for your uncles and grandads!


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