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How respectful are you towards your elders? Take the quiz to find out, kids!

Respect written in doodle with an elder man

Illustration and text copyright (c) Muslim Children's Books 2023

Are your parents always telling you that you should have more respect? Maybe you don’t always understand why they think you don’t respect them? Well, now you can take this fun, friendly, quiz for kids, all about respecting elders to see how you score. Will you be a genius at respect, or will you learn something you didn’t know?

Quiz for kids ages 8+

Instructions: For each question below, choose the answer you think Islam teaches us about respecting elders and scribble it down on paper.

1. What does Islam teach about how you should address your elders?

a) Speak to them however you like

b) Use polite and respectful language, such as "Yes, Uncle" or "Yes, Auntie"

c) Ignore them and avoid talking to them

2. If an elder is talking to you, what should you do?

a) Interrupt and start talking about your own story

b) Listen attentively until they finish speaking, then respond respectfully

c) Walk away and do something else

3. How should you offer your seat to an elder, especially in a crowded place?

a) Keep your seat; they can find their own

b) Stand up and offer your seat politely, saying "Please, have my seat"

c) Pretend you didn’t notice them and continue sitting

4. What should you do if an elder enters the room while you are playing a game?

a) Ignore them and keep playing

b) Pause the game, greet them, and ask if they would like to join in, or if they need anything

c) Tell them to leave because you're busy

5. How should you respond if an elder asks you for help?

a) Refuse and say you’re too busy

b) Help them willingly and respectfully, saying "Of course, I'd be happy to help"

c) Ignore their request and walk away

6. When an elder gives you advice, what should you do?

a) Ignore it; you know better

b) Listen carefully, show gratitude, and consider their advice seriously

c) Laugh at them and their advice

7. If an elder is carrying something heavy, what should you do?

a) Ignore them; they can manage on their own

b) Offer to help and carry the heavy item for them

c) Watch them struggle and do nothing

8. How should you react if an elder makes a mistake?

a) Laugh and mock them for their mistake

b) Overlook their mistake and respect them regardless

c) Point out their mistake and embarrass them

9. If you accidentally do something that upsets an elder, what should you do?

a) Ignore them; it’s their problem

b) Apologize sincerely and try to make amends

c) Blame someone else and deny responsibility

10. How should you treat your grandparents in Islam?

a) Ignore them; they are old and boring

b) Respect and honour them, spend time with them, and help them in any way you can

c) Avoid talking to them because they are too old to understand

End. Now score yourself!


- Give 2 points for every correct answer (b).

- Take away 1 point for every incorrect answer (a or c).

What do your results mean?

- 18-20 points: Excellent! You show great respect for your elders and Allah must be super happy with you.

- 14-17 points: Good job! You're mostly respectful, Allah is really pleased when you show respect the way you do, but there's room for improvement.

- 10-13 points: You're on the right track, but you could be more respectful in certain situations according to Islamic teachings.

- Below 10 points: Remember, respect for elders is super important in Islam. Try to be more mindful of how you treat them based on Islamic principles.

How did you do?!


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