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Islamic Books for Children Who Don't Usually Like to Read

Muslim boy who doesn't like to read

Introducing children to reading can be a challenging task, especially when they show little interest in books. This becomes even more daunting when trying to introduce them educational materials about faith. However, there's a series that has managed to capture the hearts and minds of even the most reluctant young readers: the Eliyas Explains series. Aimed at children 6-10 years, these Islamic books are a hit with kids who don't usually like to read, and here's why.

 Engaging Storytelling with a Relatable Protagonist

 The Eliyas Explains series centres around a young boy named Eliyas, who embarks on various adventures while learning about Islamic values and teachings. The relatable protagonist makes it easier for children to see themselves in the stories. Eliyas's curiosity and experiences mirror those of many Muslim children, making the narrative both engaging and relevant.

Eliyas character from Islamic book series

 Vibrant Illustrations and Interactive Elements

 One of the standout features of the Eliyas Explains series is the vibrant, eye-catching illustrations. These images help to break down complex ideas into digestible, enjoyable content. For children who might find long passages of text intimidating, the illustrations provide a welcome break and make the reading experience more interactive and enjoyable. The journal pages are designed to engage children in a more personal and reflective manner. These pages include activities and thought-provoking prompts that encourage children to explore their thoughts and feelings about the topics covered.

Full set of Eliyas Explains books

Simple Language and Clear Concepts

 The language used in the Eliyas Explains books is simple and straightforward, making it accessible for young readers. Eliyas’s voice is highly relatable to children of today – they love that he speaks to them just like a real-life friend would. The concepts are broken down into easily understandable chunks, ensuring that children can grasp the teachings without feeling overwhelmed. This approach is particularly beneficial for children who are reluctant readers, as it prevents frustration and encourages them to keep reading.


 Humour and Fun

 The series is infused with humour and fun, which are critical elements for engaging children who might not typically enjoy reading - it has them giggling along! The light-hearted tone and playful scenarios make learning about Islam enjoyable. This positive association with reading can help cultivate a lifelong love for books and learning.


Educational Value

 While the primary goal is to engage children, the Eliyas Explains series does not compromise on educational value. Each book covers an Islamic topic in age-appropriate depth and is checked and approved by scholars. By integrating these lessons into entertaining stories, the series ensures that children are not only entertained but also educated.

full series of Eliyas Explains books

Encouraging Family Reading Time

The Eliyas Explains series also encourages family reading time. The stories are crafted in a way that they can be enjoyed by both children and adults. This shared reading experience fosters a sense of togetherness and allows parents to discuss the stories and lessons with their children, reinforcing the teachings and making the experience more meaningful.


 Building a Positive Relationship with Religion

 For children who might find religious studies daunting or uninteresting, the Eliyas Explains series offers a refreshing approach. By presenting Islamic teachings in a fun and relatable manner, the series helps to build a positive relationship with religion from a young age. This foundation can be crucial for their spiritual growth and development.


 The Eliyas Explains series has become a beloved collection for children, including those who don't typically enjoy reading. With its engaging storytelling, vibrant illustrations, simple language, humour, and educational value, it succeeds in making Islamic teachings accessible and enjoyable. For parents and educators looking to inspire a love of reading and a deeper understanding of Islam in their children, the Eliyas Explains series is an excellent choice. It's a testament to the fact that with the right approach, even the most reluctant readers can discover the joy of books.

 More Islamic books for reluctant readers: the narrative of  the books below also features all the fun and relatability of the Eliyas Explains series.


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