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What are Hadith? An explanation for kids.

An explanation of hadith for kids
What are hadith for kids

Hadith are awesome pieces of wisdom from Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Salaam, curious minds! Ever heard of Hadith? They're like cool messages from the past, and they come from none other than the amazing Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)!

Imagine if you had an amazing book filled with super helpful tips and stories about being kind, doing good things, and making the world a better place. Well, that's what Hadith are for Muslims! They are a careful collection of things that the Prophet (saw) said and did.

Why do we need hadith?

Imagine the Quran is like a super important guidebook that Allah sent us to help us live good and kind lives and be the best that we can. Now, think of the Hadith as stories about our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who showed us how to follow the rules in the Quran. So, while the Quran gives us the rules, the Hadith gives us real-life examples and stories that show us exactly how to follow those rules and be amazing people, just like our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Be like the Prophet (saw) by learning hadith.

There are lots of different Hadith that we could use in our lives right now, to help us succeed.

There are hadith about what to do if you have a bad dream; being sick; eating; what happens when you mention Allah; anger; bad thoughts; kindness to animals; brotherhood; backbiting; what to do if someone hurts you; how to choose your friends; being beautiful from the inside; truthfulness; nosiness; how to be protected; how to treat others and even about not being smelly!

And if you want to find out what they say, no worries, all of those and more hadith that you can use in your life are in 30 Hadith for Kids, a fantastic book that explains hadith in a fun, simple way that’s easy to understand.


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