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How to be Very Very NOT Ugly

Being ugly or beautiful is not all about the shape of your nose or the colour of your skin - as some people might have you think. This means everyone can definitely be beautiful.

Have you ever sat down with your colours and drawn a picture when you’re angry? Did it come out something like this?

How about when you were sad? Something like this?

And when you were happy? Something like this?

I think you can see what happens!

Whatever you are feeling comes out on the paper for everyone to see. Well, it’s the same with your face. Your face is the picture of every thought and feeling inside you. Whatever is inside comes out on your face for everyone to see. The good thoughts add beautiful touches and the bad ones add ugly touches. So if you have lots of ugly thoughts, over time, your face gets uglier and uglier and uglier. But if you have lots of good thoughts, over time, your face gets cuter and cuter and cuter.

Roald Dahl got it right when he said this:

Just so we know, here are some examples of ugly thoughts and good thoughts:

Ugly thoughts

Everyone is so annoying – arrrrrgggghhhh!

Well if that woman thinks I’m getting up because there are no other seats to sit on, she’s way wrong!

My friend’s piece of work is better than mine. I think I am going to have to spill the black paint on it when he turns around.

I know I’m not supposed to watch this programme, but nobody’s looking so I will.

Look at the dress on her, it’s hideous. Mine is far better.

I’m not giving a single penny to those poor people!

Animals are so annoying. Arrrrrgggghhhhh!

If my brother so much as breathes near my new Lego I’m going to hit him.

My mum and dad are so annoying. Arrrrggghhhhh!

Good thoughts

Everyone is so lovely - aaaaahhhh.

‘Gee, that lady looks like she needs this seat more than I do. I think I will give it up for her.’

‘Isn’t that a nice fluffy cloud – subhanAllah!’

‘Mum made me Shephard’s Pie! Love her, she’s sweet.’

My friend did a really good piece of work, I am proud of him.

I think it will please Allah t’aala if I give some of my pocket money in charity.

Alhamdulilah, I feel so happy for all the blessings I have.

I love my dad, I’m going to do something nice for him.

I’m going to check on my neighbours because they are old, and might need me to help them

with something.

What a cute little cat. It looks thirsty, I’ll leave some water out for it.

So now we all know what to do to be the opposite of ugly. I can actually feel the sunbeams shining out. Can you?

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