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I Say Alhamdulilah

What does Alhamdulilah really mean? All the adults keep saying it. I'm sure you sort of know what it means, or think you know, but I wanted to share my understanding of what Alhamdulilah is, with you.

I remember when I was a little girl, I had always wanted a kitten. I imagined playing with the cute fluffy creature. I imagined feeding it, stroking it and laughing at its playfulness. I thought that having a kitten would be the best thing in the world! But my parents didn't. So they didn't get me one. Until one day...when my mum picked me up from school and told me she had bought me a kitten. You can imagine my joy! Oh the joy! And you can imagine the way I looked at my mum then! With all the love and admiration and appreciation in the world. Alhamdulilah is like that. It's like loving Allah with all your heart for what He has done for you. It's knowing that Allah did that for you and being really thankful to Him for it. It's more than words on your lips. It's a feeling that runs through all of you.

I say Alhamdulilah when I sneeze.

I say Alhamdulilah when I burp.

I say Alhamdulilah when somebody asks how I am.

I say Alhamdulilah after eating.

But guess what…

I also say Alhamdulilah when something is going well, even if it isn't going as I wanted it to. Because I know that Allah's plan is better than mine.

I say Alhamdulilah when I look at the clouds and the sea and the trees, because I can see them.

I say Alhamdulilah when I get into my car, because I have one.

I say Alhamdulilah when I look at my family, because they are there.

I say Alhamdulilah when I have a headache, because I don’t have a fully body ache!

I say Ahamdulilah when I came third place in a competition, because I tried.

I say Alhamdulilah when people tell me they love my books, because I feel appreciated.

I say Alhamdulilah when I make the right choice, because Allah guided me.

I say Alhamdulilah when I feel warm on a cold day, because many others are cold.

Sometimes the reasons for saying Alhamdulilah aren’t as easy to see as the kitten I had been waiting for, but the amazing thing is that if you look for them, they are there and they are magical…and the best thing is that Allah Ta’ala gives you more and more, just for saying Alhamdulilah.

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