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Questions Muslim Kids Get Asked

Questions Non Muslims ask about Islam

Sometimes, when you’re having your lunch at school with your friends, chatting away about football and the fastest cars (or friendship bracelets and your hair, if you’re a girl!), one of them comes up with a question that makes you look really silly, because you don’t know the answer and you’re supposed to know it, because the question is about Islam and you’re a Muslim.

Usually when this happens, I stop chewing, stare at the person asking (with my food in my mouth, because I forgot to swallow), make my face look all wise and clever while I think of an answer, then just say, “I don’t know.”

Awkward, right? So finally I had the sense to get the answers to all the questions I’ve ever been asked, which I couldn’t think of the answer to. And I’m giving them to you of course, because I’m super kind like that and hopefully , one day, you might send me a one metre tall rocket made out of chocolate to say thanks (but don’t worry if you can’t).

Question: Why does your mum cover all her hair and wear lots of layers, even when it’s hot?

Answer: She gets paid to do this by the grand witch of fabric creating zombies.

Did you believe me? No? Ok, well a kid has to try!

The real answer is that it’s because she loves Allah (God) and tries to follow His rules. Some people, decide that they aren’t going to wear only their underwear to the supermarket, because it’s just not right - people would see bits of them that shouldn’t be on display. Other people decide that they will not even wear something that shows too much of certain parts of their bodies. So people make up their own rules about what they should cover up and what they shouldn’t. Well, my mum didn’t have to make up her own rules of what to cover, because she believes in Allah (God) so she chose to stick to HIS rules about which parts of herself to cover up. That works pretty good for her and she likes doing it. But that doesn’t mean she has to do it all the time. Like, she doesn’t have a shower with her headscarf on! She doesn’t even wear it at home at all. That’s because there are people who are allowed to see her hair. I’m one of them!

Ok, while I wrote all this down, I realised that I can’t write all of the questions and answers today, because my Mum said to ‘get in the car, now (please).’ I don’t know where we’re going, but if it’s interesting, I will tell you next week, when I tell you my answer to this question:

Why can’t you eat my chicken sandwich?

See you soon,

Omar :)

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