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How to give your kids a spiritually uplifting, love and fun-packed Ramadan – start preparing!

Ramadan is fast approaching, and we’re all excitedly waiting to welcome it with open arms. Our routines will change, our levels of Imaan will fly and our rewards will multiply!

For younger children, who aren’t fasting and who haven’t yet started praying five times, it is difficult to get into this spirit and feel that Ramadan is special for them too. Here are some things that you can do to ensure that your children don't lose out! Make Ramadan exciting and special for your kids by doing the following, easy to incorporate things this Ramadan:

Boost them spiritually, with our free daily content, specially created for children

We asked you what you would like to see from us this Ramadan, and we have listened! We’ve also been working on ideas of our own! Our characters, Migo & Ali, and Omar (from The Muslims) will be engaging your kids spiritually, every day of Ramadan, with inspiration, fun, motivation, and rewards!

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Get everyone in the kitchen

Unfortunately, some mothers find themselves stuck in the kitchen for hours of preparation – all by themselves. Why not get the children (and dads) actively involved in the iftar preparation?! So what if the samosa isn’t a perfect triangle, or the cucumber is cut too chunkily? So what if there is not enough sugar in the lassi, or the table isn’t set to perfection? Nothing can compare to the feeling of everyone being part of the iftar preparation together! The feeling that a child gets when you entrust them with such an important task and they get to witness their loved ones enjoying what they contributed to the table, is absolutely priceless!

Make Ramadan a time when your kids will get more ‘parent time’, rather than less

Make Ramadan a time when you give your children a boost of lots of love, quality focused time to reflect, and cuddles. Factor it in at the same time every day. Dedicate a part of the day to them and their growth. This can be done just before Iftar, if the kids will still be up, or at any time that suits your family best. During this special time, you can read over and discuss the free content we will be providing (we’re making it easy for you!), or take the time to make dua together, or set some goals and use the time to help each other reach them. Many families last year used our 30 Hadith for Kids book, to go over one hadith a day.

Whatever you decide to do at this time, make it enjoyable and link it to the special month of Ramadan so that it is evident that this huge blessing of love and togetherness has come about due to this blessed month.

Get this Ramadan countdown calendar from The Muslim Gift Shop

This is such fun! Kids will enjoy counting down the days to Eid and having something to look forward to every day of Ramadan - the eager peek in the pocket of the day! What better way to make each day of Ramadan special! All prepared in advance, just in case there are days when you don’t find time to do much else with them.

We recommend this particular calendar, as you can fill it with goodies of your own choosing and use it year after year after year! This is also the most economical of its kind, on the market today – but hurry as it is handmade to order! It also comes with a free block of 30 Islamic facts, that are ready to insert into each pocket. Buy here.

Pray together

Obviously, the men will be going to the masjid, at least for Taraweeh, and the kids will be at school during the day, but any time one or both parents are present in the home with the children; pray together with them!* This a beautiful practice. If you haven’t had the opportunity to make it the norm at home, start this Ramadan.

*When the requirements of jamaat prayer are not met, you can simply all do your own prayers in the same room together. It still has a lovely effect!

May Allah allow us all to reach Ramadan and reap all its benefits and blessings! Ameen!

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