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How to Tame Your Back to School Worry Monster

Everybody has worries. Even grown-ups. The important thing is knowing how to tame your worry monster. Your worry monster can ruin your whole day if you don't know how to train it. But if you do these things, you can make sure you are always the boss of your worries.

1. Remember that Allah loves you, even more than your parents, and Allah controls absolutely everything. Allah has told us that He will be just the way we think He's going to be, so never think Allah will let anything bad to happen to you.

2. When you are with your adults, you feel safe, because you know they are strong and smart. But remember, when you are at school and your adults aren't there, Allah is still there, very close to you and he is the strongest and smartest in the whole entire universe!

3. Talk to Allah about the things that are making you worry. Ask Him to take care of them. It's the greatest feeling ever, to leave things to Allah. If you talk to Him and trust in Him completely, He will not let you down.

4. Talk to your adults about your worry monster. Tell them why it is there. Your adults can help if they know, and can't help if they don't.

5. Keep shining from inside you (learn how with The Young Muslim's Mindful Book of Wellbeing), keep smiling, and expect good things from others and from Allah.

6. Learn some Dua's for worry and protection (find these in 23 Duas for Kids and 30 Hadith for Kids, or Eliyas Explains: Angels).

See? If you do all of these, your worry monster will no longer be around. Have a great day and remember to smile and think positively.

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