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Boost a child's connection with Allah

In this piece we are going to explore some of the ways you can bring your child closer to Allah, to build a solid foundation of love and trust in Him, which will lead them to insha'Allah live their lives into adulthood with His deen. After all, that is ultimately what we all want for our children.

Don't use Allah as a threat

'Allah is going to punish you!' - sound familiar? That phrase has never helped any child reach closeness to Allah. The fact is that children are not held accountable just yet. Don't use Allah as a scare tactic or threat. Instead, remind them that He loves them more than you do! Allah loves us seventy times than a mother loves her child, and He is the most merciful


Talk about amazing things like Allah's powers with your child - things that they can visualise. The stories of the prophets are full of examples; when Allah made the fire cool or when Allah made the sea split. Also visualise Allah's angels. We have descriptions of them to start us off and the rest is up to our imaginations, which is great fun! Visualise how these phenomenal creations of Allah are there when we pray, and what happens when you make duas of protection. It's mind blowing! A truly effective way to inspire awe in your little one.

For a fun, detailed insight into angels refer to Eliyas Explains: Angels

Inspire gratitude to Allah

It's human nature to feel close to those who do things for us. Have conversations like, "You know, I was just thinking how AMAZING my eyes are. I can see all these details and colours. I can see the people I love. Imagine if I didn't have that? I am so thankful to Allah for it, Alhamdulillah!" Go on to list the very many things they have, to be thankful for. Get them to tell you every day, something new that they feel grateful for. This not only leads to closeness with our creator, but also to a healthier mental state.

Inspire tawakkul

If you can achieve this and teach it to your kids, it will change your life for the better insha'Allah!

Teach them to completely trust in Allah's plan for how things are going to happen to them. Assess every situation with them in this light. When they know that Allah is in charge and they don't need anyone but Him, life's challenges are easier to handle and they begin to feel His presence in all that they do. Have conversations like, "OK, that didn't go as planned, but what do you think Allah wants you to do differently? Could a different way be better for you? Do you trust that Allah sees the bigger picture and will make it work out the best way for you?"

Refer to Migo & Ali's Islamic Encyclopedia for an explanation of tawakkul.

Refer to The Young Muslim's Mindful Book of Wellbeing for insight into 'The Bigger Picture.'


Point out the wonders of Allah all around you. Look at the trees, birds, clouds, animals, or whatever appeals to you, and really reflect on their magnificence with your child. Allah's glory is evident in all things in nature. Get them to spend some real time watching nature (with their eyes), until they really see it (with their mind and heart).

Allah wants us to know Him through nature. After all, you can learn something about the creator by looking at a piece of their art, or writing, or hearing their speech. So look around you, what do Allah's creations tell you about Him?

May Allah bring us closer to Him day by day. Ameen!


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