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Why Should I Pray My Salah?

Is your child running to salah happily, when you call? If not, this free e-book is for you! Read on for the expanded print book + journal.

When our children reach the age where they should start praying, all we want is for them to do it with their hearts! Lately, I've had a few parents begging the question - what do we do when they don't want to pray?

So we've put together a 14-page PDF, packed with inspiration. It's narrated by our fictional character, Eliyas, who features in the Eliyas Explains books. He's a 9-year old with a passion for video games and cookies. Eliyas narrates this piece just as your child's friend would, which makes it a unique and effective way of communicating how special Salah is.

You can read it on your device, or download and print. It's our gift to you!

Written by Zanib Mian with guidance from Shaykh Ibrahim Nun Al-Azhari.

Download free e-book below or purchase expanded version print book for £3.99 here.

For anyone who wants to pray, but isn’t motivated enough and for those who pray, but want to enjoy their salah with presence of mind and heart. Eliyas explains the importance and benefits of Salah, then leads journalers through a series of thought-provoking prompts, engaging children in reflective acts in order to experience the magnitude and beauty of salah.

Why Should I Pray My Salah Zanib Mian
Download PDF • 25.68MB


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